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Goverernor Creek Bridge


In the fall of 2009, Westwood Curtis Construction installed a concrete tri-deck bridge over Governor Creek near Jackson, Montana. Included in this were the removal of preexisting culvert sections, pile driving of 12” steel H-piles, concrete grade beams, bridge decking, railing, and raising of the existing road ~5 feet in elevation. Westwood Curtis Construction worked closely with Beaverhead County and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department to complete the project.
Lima Creek Bridge


In the summer of 2009, Westwood Curtis Construction removed an existing rural bridge outside of Lima, Montana and replaced it with a stronger concrete pre-cast concrete bridge. The project timeline to complete the project was extremely tight due to increasing water levels of the stream, so Westwood Curtis was able to completely remove the old bridge and have a new bridge installed in its place in less than 3 weeks. Westwood Curtis worked closely with Beaverhead County, Montana on the project and the town of Lima.
Taylor Bridge Replacement


Westwood Curtis Construction’s experience proved invaluable in 2009 when we were selected by the National Forest Service to construct a steel deck bridge over the Gros Ventre River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The bidding process was based on bid price and experience equally. Construction of the bridge included salvage of an existing bridge, construction of concrete abutments, steel bridge decking, guardrails and bridge approaches. Westwood Curtis Construction worked closely with the Forest Service Contracting Officer and nearby landowners to complete this project on schedule.
Teton Village Commons


Westwood Curtis Construction exercised its General Contracting capabilities when constructing a commons area in Teton Village, Wyoming. The project consisted of the removal of existing streams and a pond, mass grading, construction of sidewalks, an amphitheatre, pop jet fountains, underground control bunkers, fire pits and a central ice skating rink. This project required the close coordination with masons, electricials, carpenters, landscapers, concrete specialists, mechanical subcontractors, suppliers, engineers and architects. When completed in Spring 2010, the project will total just under $2 million.
Asphalt grinding


In an effort to become more environmentally conscious, Westwood Curtis Construction has purchased an asphalt grinder that is able to recycle in-place asphalt as well as loose asphalt as opposed to disposal. Through the process we are able to lower costs associated with paving and generate a durable road base to be reused under new pavement.
Cache Tunnel


Construction of a 2 lane tunnel underneath Snow King Mountain Resort began in Early July 2008 after working with Pine Glades Development and Rendezvous Engineering to design and engineer the tunnel. Included in the construction process are a storm water system, water system, paving, precast tunnel sections, and excavations as deep as 75 vertical feet. This project – visible from most of Jackson – illustrates the full capabilities of Westwood Curtis Construction and the extents of the work that we perform.
Daisy Bush


This project in Jackson, Wyoming included the installation of water and sewer mains to service 16 residential units. Difficulties with sewer line connections were encountered due to the location of existing storm drain pipes and other underground utilities. These issues were quickly resolved without delay due to the ingenuity of Westwood Curtis personnel. Along with underground utilities, the team also diverted an active waterway and built a permanent roadway into the subdivision.


During the summer and fall of 2007, construction of a multi-use pathway took place for Teton County, Wyoming. Included in the process was the construction of a keystone retaining wall as well as the creation of additional wetlands next to flat creek. Approximately 2,700 feet of the project occurred adjacent to State Highway 22 (one of the busiest roadways in the state). Further complication matters, another 600 feet of pathway had to be constructed over existing wetlands. Once completed in the spring of 2008, total costs for the project are estimated at $500,000.
Pine Glades


Along with construction of the Cache Tunnel, an agreement was entered into with Pine Glades Development to install the infrastructure for an attached housing development. With views of the National Elk Refuge and Grand Tetons, the development - built on the side of a mountain - pushes the construction limits. With most of the roads supported by retaining walls, mechanical walkways under the driving surfaces extending for nearly 1,000 feet, townhouses built directly over the driving lanes, elaborate lift stations, and connection to the Cache Tunnel, the construction of the Pine Glades Development is widely viewed as one of the most ingenious concepts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Rustic Inn


Beginning in early March 2008, we began the demolition of the existing Wagon Wheel Campground and commenced with installation of water and sewer lines to service 64 deluxe cabin structures. Due to unstable soil conditions, the existing materials had to be excavated and stabilized prior to and during construction. Once completed in late June, the newly created Rustic Inn included a swimming pool, restaurant, and front office all with beautiful views of Flat Creek and the National Elk Refuge.


Located on the Westbank of the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Westwood Curtis has teamed up with Kurt Wimburg Construction to construct a beautiful multi-million dollar home. Included in the project are underground utilities, 3,800 square foot pond with an island, water recirculation system (both underground piping and stream), guest house, and site grading.
Town of Jackson


Over the course of several years, Westwood Curtis has developed a close relationship with the City of Jackson Hole. Work has included water, sewer, and storm drain installation as well as repairs on every aspect of their underground utilities. Westwood is consistently called upon to perform some of their most difficult and demanding projects.
West Kelly


Westwood Curtis again contracted with the Town of Jackson, Wyoming to install 4,200 feet of water main underneath West Kelly Street. Included in the project was the crossing of the 6 foot diameter Cache Creek Storm Pipe at 7 separate locations as well as the installation of fire hydrants, valves, services, and asphalt pavement. Work was substantially completed 1 month ahead of schedule for the project totaling $900,000.


Westwood Curtis has been constructing wooden bridges for many years. We have built them for varying purposes: bike paths, access roads, etc. Our clients include golf courses, government, and private developers.
Targee Towne Water


Rendezvous Engineering and the Targee Towne Water District teamed up with Westwood Curtis in Alta, Wyoming to replace over a mile of 8” water main. Fire hydrants, control buildings, and multiple services were installed according to a rigid oversight process to ensure that the old system was abandoned correctly and replaced correctly with a newer high-tech system. Following the completion of the project, Targee Towne has now become classified as a public water district. The total cost of this project reached $800,000.
Targee Towne Water


Replaced a sewer in Dubois, Wyoming underneath a river. The process to repair and replace the existing sewer pipe involved dewatering a section of the river in order to expose pipe. In addition to this, steel pilings had to be driven into the ground and the new pipe section fully encased in concrete. Also, bypass sewer pumping was involved to divert an operation system. The result of the project was time and efficiency standards far exceeding city and DEQ standards.