About Westwood Curtis

For over 30 years, Westwood Curtis Construction has been building in the Central Rocky Mountain Region.  Our headquarters are centrally located in Jackson Hole, however, we have completed projects throughout the region in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  We have constructed many roads and driveways, installed water systems, sewer lines, storm drainages, large & small scale earth moving, residential and commercial foundations, levees, demolition, bridges and many other civil engineering projects.  We work for private homeowners as well as some of the most respected businesses, developers and public agencies in the region.

To achieve top quality, Westwood Curtis Construction uses state-of-the-art equipment and has dedicated well-trained employees to get the job done.  Employee-trained safety is our #1 goal at Westwood Curtis Construction with a 30 year impeccable safety record.

We believe in doing business with the local vendors, suppliers, banks and tradespeople who support us regionally.  We also support many civic and non-profit organizations in our community with multi-faceted contributions.  Just as our community supports us, we believe it is our duty to support them in return.

At Westwood Curtis Construction we pride ourselves on the quality of the project and strive to ensure that the project is not just complete but is the best product available.  We are about pride, quality, knowledge and reliability; and we will go the extra mile to deliver the best in the industry.  When you see trucks and equipment with the Westwood Curtis Construction logo on the side, just know that it is “Quality on the Move.”