Pinedale Phase V Sewer and Water

Westwood Curtis Construction completed work on Phase V of the Town of Pinedale Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project.  Work on the project included replacement of 1,800 lineal feet of ductile iron water main, 4,000 lineal feet of sewer main, 5,000 lineal feet of 12”-24” ribbed HDPE storm drain, 4,600 feet of sidewalks and all associated appurtenances associated with the system.  Work on the project required strict timelines due to increasing groundwater levels and tight paving schedules.  All of this in conjunction with specialized inspection requirements and the influence of government agencies (due to funding requirements) made for a difficult project.  Also involved in the project was over-excavation of the highways and streets as well as months of excavation in alleys.  Despite the difficult working conditions, the project was more than a month ahead of schedule and was completed in October 2010.