Apres Vous Road

Westwood Curtis Construction recently completed work to construct a new primary access road from Highway 390 to Teton Village, Wyoming.  Construction crews successfully installed underground utilities consisting of 960 lineal feet of 8” ductile iron water main, 500 lineal feet of 8” PVC sewer main, 200 lineal feet of 15” reinforced concrete storm pipe, Vortech stormwater treatment unit, 300 lineal feet of culvert, 10,100 cubic yards of unclassified excavation, 17,000 tons of imported pit run, 4,500 tons of imported crushed gravel, 2,200 tons of asphalt pavement, 17,000 feet of utility conduit, fence, snow melt system, concrete flatwork and surface restoration.  The new roadway has a direct approach to the world famous Teton Mountain Resort tram.