Elk Refuge Irrigation Project

In April 2010 Westwood Curtis Construction began working on the installation of 39,000 lineal feet of HDPE smooth-wall pipe for irrigation of the National Elk Refuge.  Pipe sizes ranged from 10” SDR 13.5 HDPE pipe to 42” SDR 21 HDPE pipe.  Certified pipe welders employed by Westwood Curtis Construction welded the first 26,000 feet of 18”-42” pipe in a three (3) week period utilizing day and night shifts as well as cool pack technology and began installation in mid-May.  Due to the extremely rocky terrain, the backfill/bedding material was screened using skeleton buckets customized for the excavation equipment.  The first 12,000 feet of 42” HDPE was especially difficult; however, despite the material setbacks, the excavation and installation portion of the project was completed nearly three (3) weeks ahead of schedule.  In addition to installation of mainline pipe, 68 laterals, drains, and vents were connected to the pipe using sidewall fusion techniques by Westwood Curtis’ certified pipe welders.  Also, two (2) pressure reducing stations were installed as well as a connection to an irrigation headgate and a 42” steel pipe manifold.